The One Faith

As with any world, a number of religious beliefs, traditions and customs inevitably surface. Some can live in harmony, some can’t. This is nearly always the heart of any conflict that arises on a geopolitical scale.

Yarrow Tirel has dedicated his life to eliminating the need for war. He is the High Priest of the Church of the God of All, and his religion is a monument for a chance at everlasting unity between all Reasonable, sane religious views. A number of faiths have shrines dedicated to their god or gods in the Grand Temple.

The God Of All

-The God of All is the established creator of the universe. Even the most staunched religious fanatic or narcissistic deity bends a knee to his power. However, the God of All rarely, (If ever) interferes with creation. It is even debated wether or not he actually even grants spells to his faithful. All of his will is imposed through lesser deities that he has created, or have ascended to godhood on their own and now serve him.
(Male pronouns are usually used to describe the God of All. Truth be told, as an overdeity, he would be beyond gender distinctions. Gender specific pronouns are simply easier to use. Women usually refer to the God of All as She.)

The Seven Hands of the God of All

The seven hands are a collection of deities that actively serve the God of All knowingly and willingly. They preform the duty of Liaison between the material plane and the outer cosmos. The seven hands know the God of all, and try to pass his righteousness on to their followers.

EhlonnaElhonna- Elhonna is the God of All’s protector of the Natural world, and Empress of the wilds. Elhonna is Neutral Good, and her preferred weapon is the long bow. Elhonna governs the unspoiled wilds, and protects her faithful within. Her avatar alternated between a human and elven woman who has a natural affinity with wild animals, horses and unicorns in particular. As guardian of nature, she is compassionate and generous, but her wrath is not something to be trifled with. It is tradition for lumber jacks and land developers to leave tribute to her for fear of disaster during the job. Her clergy work tirelessly to spread nature even in the most toxic and industrialized regions of the world. Her priests are a constant reminder that no matter how technology advances, the magic of the wild is still strong and thriving.
Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Sun, Protection

Pelor amaunator
Pelor- Pelor is the hand of the sun, the bringer of light and energy to the world. He is usually worshiped as the Primary human deity, and is Neutral Good. Pelor is singularly devoted to the spread of redemption, accession, and the cause of good itself. His priests prefer nonviolent confrontation and are excellent negotiators. This does not mean that his priesthood is completely inept at hand to hand combat, as this has been the last mistake of many invaders and rival evil faiths. Pelor despises undead, and there are several splinter groups of pelorian tradition dedicated specifically to vanquishing unlife. Pelor grants both spiritual and physical strength to his followers. Unbound by philosophical debates, Pelor is the anchor of the faiths of the seven hands. His favored weapon is the mace.
Domains: Sun, Good, Healing, Strength

Heironeous sigil
Heironeous- Heironeous is the God of All’s hand of justice and valor. He is god of paladins, crusaders, judges and righteous kings and other monarchy. He is also sometimes called the Patriarch, the Invincible, and the Sword of All. He is lawful good and his favorite weapon is the longsword. Heironeous’s followers are leaders and men of action. He promotes chivalry, justice, fairness, strength and action. Heironeous is a very quest happy god, and his will usually includes his followers moving actively throughout the land to spread justice at the end of a sword. Heironeous will sponsor just about any fool with a sword and an ideal, but he is a great straight and long term planner as well. His machinations are long and far spread, but are all for the greater good.
Domains: Good, Law, War, Strength

Yeirza- Yeirza is the God of All’s voice of compassion and reason. She is the healer, the protecter and the redeemer. She is Lawful Good. To Yeirza and her faithful, no soul is beyond redemption and no body is worth suffering. Her clerics are famous healers, medicine women, doctors and fevermen. Yeirza loathes violence, and teaches that words will always solve any dispute more efficiently than swords ever will. While many of Yeirza’s faithful are pacifists by general principal, they will gladly martyr themselves in defense of a community or person in need. The mission of Yeirza’s priesthood is simply to put an end to all suffering, both physically, and through the atrocities man commits to his fellow man. Her favorite weapon is the Sap.
Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection

Aeyer- Aeyer is the hand of industry, commerce, luck and bounty. Aeyer is a god who is growing in popularity with common folk such as farmers, merchants, and tradesmen. He is chaotic good. No shipping merchant would be caught dead without an Aeyer medallion before a long trip. Aeyer’s clergy are men of the people, charismatic and beloved by all. They organize public works, hold major gambling events, and work to draw communities closer together. Aeyer encourages success and new opportunities through chance. His faithful are daring and are always the first to dive headlong into any scenario. The Scythe is his favorite weapon.
Domains: Earth, Good, Luck, Plant, Travel

Tylea- Tylea is the hand of love, passion, and beauty. She is the goddess of marriage and desire. Tylea is devoted to the spread of free love, as well as the formation of deep, meaningful bonds between two people, consecrated by eternal union. She is sometimes called the Joiner of Souls, and the Burning Beauty. Tylea teaches her faithful that love in all forms is sacred, no matter how unconventional, as long as it is consensual. Her preists are defenders of individuality and self expression through creative medium.

Bahamut holy symbol
Bahamut- Bahamut is the Platinum Wyrm, and the king of the Dragons. He is the father of dragon kind is said to be the most powerful of the seven hands. He is worshiped by all good dragons, the Lizardfolk (Who simply call him “Dragon God” in common), and humans with an affinity for the sky and sea. Bahamut sponsors interracial harmony, and the responsible use of power. Bahamut is the son of Io, and his sister Tiamat is his mortal nemesis. Bahamut lays claim to the creatures of the air and all fliers, sea men, and navigators always say a prayer to him before a voyage. He is often affiliated with the north star. His preists and paladins are mostly dragons and lizard folk, but many humanoid paladins claim his as patron for his sheer might, and the outstanding power that the Platinum Dragon represents.
Domains: Air, Cold, Good, Law, Luck, and Protection

Io, The Ur-Dragon

Io is the father of dragons. Io is the father of Taiamat and Bahamut and is considered the holiest icon to all of dragon kind. Io was the said to be the first creation of the God of All, and Io is said to be the incarnation of the direct will of the God of All. For this reason, many dragons claim that the God of All himself is a Dragon.
Regardless, Io is the only way The God of All directly intervenes in worldly affairs. Io is a famed shapeshifter and works in ways so subtle, no one is usually even aware anything has been done at all.

The One Faith

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