Ancient Anatomist


Name: Ozlow

Species: Aberration (Slithari)

Skin Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Gender: Male (Usually)

Alignment: Neutral Good


Ozlow is an ancient cosmic entity from beyond the stars. Ozlow is the head medical professor in the Grand Temple located in Aquilla. According to his own account, Ozlow is an aberration from a distant planet. The last of his race, he is composed of several intelligent cells, each capable of acting on it’s own. Ozlow has the ability to shape shift by breaking down this collection of micro-matter, and coalescing into the desired form or shape of his choosing. He is also able to enter the bodies of organic beings by this process and readjust their vital statistics. Ozlow has vowed never to use this practice as a weapon, or for any being’s personal gain. His single mission in life is to collect knowledge about the mysteries of the multiverse. The healers of Aquilla have no shortage of sick and injured pilgrims come to the holy land for cures for their various ills, and Ozlow is obliged to learn more about the human condition, both spiritually and physically. He claims to be immortal, and no one knows precisely how old Ozlow is, not even he himself. He claims he lost count shortly after the Phylazian cataclysm.


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