Lux D'Ombre

Naive Sorcerer


Male Half­Elf Sorcerer 1
Neutral Good
Representing Sam

Strength 9 (­-1)
Dexterity 10 (+0)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 11 (+0)
Wisdom 15 (+2)
Charisma 14 (+2)

Total Hit Points: 17
Speed: 30 feet

Armor Class: 10
Touch AC: 10
Flat­footed: 10

Initiative modifier: 0= 0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: 4= 1 [base] 3 [constitution]
Reflex save: 1= 1 [base]
Will save: +5= 3 [base] 
2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld):­0= 1 [base] –  ­1 [strength]
Attack (unarmed): 0= 1 [base] ­ – 1 [strength]
Attack (missile): +1= 1 [base]
Grapple check: ­0= 1 [base] ­- 1 [strength]

Light load:
Medium load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
Push or drag:
30 lb. or less
31­-60 lb.
61­-90 lb.
90 lb.
180 lb.
450 lb.

Languages:Common Elven

Quicken Spell
Spell Tweaker

Skill Name Key Ability Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc. Modifier
Appraise Int 0= +0
Balance Dex* 0= +0
Bluff Cha 2= +2
Climb Str* -1= -1
Concentration Con 9= +3 +6
Craft_1 Int 2= +0 +2
Craft_2 Int 0= +0
Craft_3 Int 0= +0
Diplomacy Cha 4= +2 +1 +2
Disguise Cha 2= +2
Escape Artist Dex* 0= +0
Forgery Int 0= +0
Gather Information Cha 4= +2 +2
Handle Animal Cha 8= +2 +6
Heal Wis 2= +2
Hide Dex* 15= +0 +0
Intimidate Cha 2= +2
Jump Str* -1= -1
Listen Wis 3= +2 +1
Move Silently Dex* 0= +0
Perform_1 Cha 2= +2
Ride Dex 0= +0
Search Int 1= +0 +1
Sense Motive Wis 2= +2
Spot Wis 6= +2 +1 +1
Survival Wis 4= +2 +2
Swim Str** -1= -1
Tumble Dex* 0= +0
Use Rope Dex 0= +0

Zero­level Sorcerer spells: 6 per day
Ghost Sounds
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Mage Hand

First­level Sorcerer spells: 6 (5+1) per day
Magic Missile
Color Spray
Mage Armor

Additional Abilities
Once Daily:
Retry Last Round (Amulet of Rewinding)

5x Dr. Cobb’s Miracle Ointment

Magical Items:
Dr Cobb’s Amulet of Rewinding

75 Gold


Name: Lux D’Ombre

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf

Nationality: Shigallan (inner)

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 160

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Pale

Religion: Nature Worship

Sexuality: Straight

Profession: Village Worker (whatever needs getting done)

Personality: Lux is a somewhat reserved person. He tends to not draw attention to himself when in public. However, when with those he truly loves, he’s all smiles. He will not be loud, nor will he be outwardly cheery. He will simply be content. He likes being with friends and family, sitting down for good meals after a hard day’s work, and using any chance he can get to practice his magic-use. He dislikes those who try to hurt people he loves.

Family: Mother: Chene Azavan, Father: Ombre

Favored weapon: Kama (hand scythes) used to facilitate magic

Favored fighting style: Acrobatic turns truncated by Kama sweeps, stabs, and spins to cast spells

Class: Sorcerer

Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Lux’s parents met as a chance encounter that resulted in a child. His mother, Chene, an elf sorceress, was charmed by Lux’s father, and they had Lux. His father initially abandoned them, but then returned two years later out of guilt. He would then leave and return every few months, a fleeting part of Lux’s childhood. (Lux took the surname D’Ombre because, in the village that he was raised in, it was tradition for the children to take on the surname of their father, but Lux’s father had no surname. Therefore, Lux’s parents apparently made this name up.)

Lux grew up in the jungles of Inner Shigallan. He was raised by his mother almost exclusively. Lux’s father, known to him simply as Shadow, helped raise Lux, but always resented the child. Lux has forgotten his father’s face, but he still remembers the cruelty. Shadow taught Lux how to steal and how to fight with sticks (a silly weapon, in Lux’s opinion), and would punish him severely for any mistake.

Shadow left for the last time when Lux was 9 (he decided to never return because he felt that he had taught Lux everything that he needed to know). Shadow leaving was a great day for Lux and his mother both. To celebrate the last time he would see his father, he took some scrap metal found in his village and hammered a piece into each of the sticks his father trained him with. With all of the anger he held towards his father, and relief that he would never be seen again, he hurled the sticks toward a tree. His emotion was so great, in fact, that it revealed an innate talent for magic that he held, but never discovered before (the mutilated sticks, when hurled toward the tree, actually caught fire mid-air and impaled themselves into the tree the full length of the metal “blade”. He would have started a small crisis, if it weren’t for his mother being nearby to douse the magic flame). He then spent the next 10 years training at his own pace, continuing to use the stick-and-blade weapon (the Kama) to focus his magical ability. Today, he is simply another worker in the village, skilled enough in any vital profession to be a useful hunter, builder, smith, or other valuable job.

Lux D'Ombre

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