Elder Mace Illeria

Grand Paladin


Name: Grand Paladin Mace Illeria
(Informal Title; Elder Mace)

Species: Human

Skin Color: Caucasian

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good


Mace Illeria is the high commander of the Odessan order of the White Helm, the largest organized group of paladins in the world. Not above delegation, Mace frequently travels to other countries to lend a hand during times of crisis, or on rumors of cosmic evil seeping into the world. The Vanguard project was his idea, and he took a significant amount of flack when it went down in flames. Despite the grim demeanor of his more ridged colleges, Mace never tries of a good joke, and is considered to be one of the most laid back paladins in Odessa. Dispute his carefree attitude, Mace is incredibly dedicated, loyal to a fault, generous, kind, merciful, and said to be strong enough to split a greater demon’s skull with a blunt wooden club. Mace is highly respected by his peers, and even his rivals and opponents. While he may not attend every meeting of the Council of Faiths, his appearance and words always carry a significant weight. While traveling Odessa, he never wears his war sword, “Idra” openly on his belt.

Elder Mace Illeria

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